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Friday, 4 April 2008

Bilingual Twix Anthropology


I've arrived at the conclusion that it is never a good idea to start a blog at 5am on an insomnia-filled night. I have just read what I wrote last night, and it makes me sound like an imbecile who swallowed a dictionary in a waffling competition for ramblers.

Or maybe I'm really just this mad all the time - and fatigue only serves to make me more self-aware.

Took a photo of Nan eating a twix today. Well, you don't see that very often do you? Karl Pilkington pointed out the oddity of the phenomenon on the Ricky Gervais Show, and I have now witnessed the strangeness of it for myself. It says a lot about my general state of mind that when I told her I wanted to take a photograph of her eating a twix, no one questioned it. She just brushed her hair first. Most people would've called some sort of secure untit - she just brushed her hair.

I should probably be worried about the over-all lack of surprise when I do things like this.


I also learned that "Ich will meinen Hund in die Bibliothek bringen, wo kann ich einen penecillin fur seine Albtraume kaufen?" is German for "I want to take my dog to the library, where can I buy some penecillin for his nightmares?" Worryingly, I actually bothered to type that sentence into a free translator. It could be considered as an ironic reference to the show Eddie Izzard does in French, where he questions how/when pupils schooled in french will ever use the phrase "le sange est un le branch" etc. Or...it was just the first thing I could think of when faced with an online translation programme and trying to remember the few German words I know.

In fashion news - I got a red leather jacket this week! (I'm beginning to wonder if I shouldn't swap it for something that buckles in the back...)

New series of Dr Who started today, and I think I'm a 'geek' or 'nerd' or whatever the current vernacular is for such a person. The aliens in this episode were called "adipose" and were collections of fat. I know from the Kathy Reichs anthropology books that 'adipocere' (commonly known as grave wax) is the residual fat left on a skeleton after decomposition. ...I got the Dr Who in joke - ergo: GEEK! That's not something I should really admit to - but as I have - please know that the part of me which still cares about my credibility is suitably embarrassed by it.

No progress writing the book. I am trying to ignore all areas in which it currently defeats me, in favour of blind optimism. So whilst I have done very little work on it of late, I can officially say that everything I have not completed has gone very well! In reality, I need to stop procrastinating and just get on with it.

Quote for today: "Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday." Don Marquis. He's the bloke who also said "Pity the meek, for they shall inherit the earth." He was actually a gifted humourist, but no one ever seems to have heard more than that quote about the meek. Bloomin' meek - they got a lot of column inches in the bible, too. Never satisfied that lot. I remember reading once that he poshumouusly contributed to several books. That always sounds odd "posthumously contributed" - like he wrote the odd chapter in the afterlife because he got bored with haunting places, just looking dead! Still, what do you expect from the bloke who wrote the screenplay for Skippy?

Having read what I've just written tonight, I've decided that it's probably not a good idea to write a blog on the day after a night of insomnia either...


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